From Venice to Dresden • Apr. 2022

Heinrich Schütz

From Venice to Dresden: The Venetian influence on Baroque Germany
Saturday, April 30, 2022, at 7:30 pm

Lutheran Church of Honolulu
The Early Music Hawaii Chorus and Orchestra
Scott Fikse, director

Heinrich Schütz was the most prominent of many budding German composers who studied at the feet of the Gabrielis and Monteverdi in early 17th century Venice. He, in particular, molded the powerful polychoral tradition to the cadences of German in the sacred cantatas of  Lutheran Dresden and later crafted more intimate works as the 30 Years’ War decimated the resources of German city states. The Italian secular cantata was also adapted to the rhythms of German poets, notably Martin Opitz, by Schütz, Caspar Kittel and their colleagues in central Germany. 

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